an introduction to DVD-based marketing

Execute innovative, high-impact marketing tactics that exploit the growing popularity of DVD Games.
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Interactive DVD Games are an innovative way to activate & amplify most branded entertainment marketing initiatives.

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DVD Transforms Digital Marketing Challenges into Opportunities

The Four Dimensional Challenge. Over the past decade, the advertising and marketing community has faced three important challenges. Increased fragmentation, increased clutter, and increased demand for accountability.

As digital technologies advance, a fourth dimension has been added: the threat of DVR-enabled ad-skipping and the near total control that consumers now have over their media.

Whether via VOD, DVRs, broadband, or DVD, the video landscape is beginning to deliver on the notion that consumers watch what they want, how they want.

DVD: A Powerful Digital Video Technology. NetFlix invented the billion-dollar business du jour on the back of the enormous popularity, versatility and success of a global technology standard called DVD Video.

Indeed, the entire business of retail entertainment has been transformed by DVD. Even the $20 billion toy business is being heavily impacted by the hot category of DVD Games.

Now marketers are beginning to learn how to harness the versatile and powerful features of DVD technology to create innovative, clutter-busting programs.

A Complex Marketing Landscape. The impact of technology on media has created amazing opportunities for innovation. It has also created a complex digital marketing landscape that requires specialized knowledge, relationships and tools.

DVD is no different. Effective DVD-based marketing requires specialized knowledge, relationships, creative processes, and technical tools., in close collaboration with our parent company Comchoice, will work with you to simplify the process of harnessing the marketing power of DVD.

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